Hotel Site Selection

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Location, location, location. Identifying the right location is the foundation of a successful meeting; however site selection can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of a program. Site Select’s professionals are experts at locating the perfect conference venue for your company—allowing you to invest your time and money more wisely.

• NO COST – Our site-selection and contract negotiation services are provided at NO COST to you.

• Time Savings – We will help identify prospective locations based on your goals and objectives. We will offer multiple options for you review,saving you time spent on phone calls and emails.

• Rate Savings – Based on our industry relationships, hotel experience and volume of rooms needed for clients each year, we are able to negotiate the best rates possible, guaranteed.

• Professional Recommendation – Site Select’s proprietary database of the nations’ best meeting hotels and convention centers makes conference venue site selection comprehensive, accurate and easy for you. Our Site Selection system identifies potential hotels and facilities that fulfill your needs and summarizes all criteria in an easy to read report.

• Site Visits – To help make your venue decision, Site Select will arrange site inspections of properties under final consideration, prepare your itinerary, and accompany you onsite during the inspection process as needed.

• Hotel Contracts and Negotiations – With years of experience, we know how to evaluate contracts so they benefit you. By using Site Select, you are assured of accurate and liability-reducing contracts.

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